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Bart Weggemans

Guitar player

Bart is Coastbeat's guitar player. Born in the fifties (just in time). This is why he rock 'n roll runs through his veins. For Bart, his inspirations come from Merle Travis, George Harrison, Lindsey Buckingham, Mike Campbell, Jimmy Vaughan and Brian Setzer (sorry Ernie). The big example for Bart of how a guitar player should let his tones roll is ''girls go wild'' from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Every note hits the right tone.


Ernie Hoffmeister

Singer/Guitar Player

Ernie is the singer/guitar player in Coastbeat. Together with Marion he laid the foundation for Coastbeat.

Ernie has been making music since he can remember. He started in different kinds of bands as a rock 'n roll drummer. During his teenage years, he followed numerous percussion and singing lessons. But, to be honest, the real inspiration came when he was improvising and started to learn to play the guitar by himself. His musicality goes beyond playing multiple instruments. He takes the lead vocals with great ease, while effortlessly sings a three part chorus.


Marion Visser


Marion is de zangeres/basgitarist van CoastBeat. Zij is opgegroeid in de seventies Marion is the singer and bass player in Coastbeat. She grew up in the seventies and was truly touched by that decades music. Great songs from Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and The Eagles gave her rock 'n roll inspiration. Actually, Marion is actually a classical skilled violin player, but she learned to play the bass guitar by herself. She let the rock 'n roll sweep her off her feet. While singing, this gave her great energy.

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